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Night Glance

In this Night Glance Collection there is a use of different textures of fabric that make the skin of the subjects the beauty of the pieces themselves along with bringing the pieces themselves to the forefront.

For the first piece in this 2-piece collection we have a shear hooded long sleeve cover over a form fitting tank top crop top, all made complete by the black flair cut pants with silver lining in the pockets.

For the second piece we have a lace long sleeve sheer cover over a black bralette. Both of these portions of these design are form fitting and the pants have a flare cut like the first design. An overall very beautifully sewn design.

This third piece is a single sheer sleeved gown which gives a slick formfitting look will hug your form. The detail of the silver shimmer lining at the top adds excitement to the night.

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