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In Print Chiffon

In Print Chiffon

This geometric collection has four pieces varying in style and functionality for events. These pieces are airy, colorful, flattering.

For the first piece we have a halter neck with Chiffon fabric pants that bring an element go surprise to this piece.

The second piece has a long-sleeved dress shirt which offers full coverage with a peekaboo back and black detailed wrist cuffs and black high-waisted faired cut pants to match.

A two-piece skirt with "V" neck top is our third piece. The top has long sleeves and is form fitting along the waist. The skirt is floor length and is airy with a flow to the Chiffon fabric that is featured in each of these designs.

For the final piece in this collection, we have a halter top transformative dress with a form fitting waist and deep cut out sides the bring light and air to this design as well. The fabric flows from the waist to the floor in an A line style.

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